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Project Description

This heartfelt project aims to showcase the incredible impact of therapy and services on children's lives while emphasizing the essential role of donor support. With a focus on the importance of local services, this campaign is designed to engage both the current donor base and attract new supporters.

Inspired by the Dallas/Gillian story from last year, the format for this project will mirror their compelling narrative. The campaign includes multiple formats to reach diverse audiences. A captivating 2-3 minute horizontal video will be featured at the upcoming Golf Tournament, providing a comprehensive look into the Grandview Kids journey. Additionally, a dynamic 45-second vertical video will be tailored for social media platforms, maximizing outreach. To further captivate viewers, optional "bite-sized" 15-second video edits will be created, showcasing key moments from the story. Alongside the videos, a collection of 10-15 carefully curated photos, including both posed and candid shots, will be incorporated.

The tone of the campaign will be inspirational, emotional, and uplifting. The music selection will harmonize with the narrative, enhancing the overall impact. Mandatory elements of the project include shooting at the Grandview facility and within the family's home, potentially supplemented by outdoor b-roll footage capturing everyday moments of joy. The storyline will highlight the journey from diagnosis to treatment and the ongoing progress achieved through therapy. Additionally, the family will provide home footage and phone videos, contributing an intimate touch to the story.

The campaign's call to action, complemented by the Grandview Kids Foundation logo and graphics, will be supplied by the client. Additionally, a separate shoot with the new CEO is anticipated to capture a message for the Golf Banquet, aligning with their availability.

With a powerful narrative, striking visuals, and a compelling call to action, the Grandview Kids Family Story Campaign 2023 aims to inspire viewers, generate support, and make a profound difference in the lives of children.


Service Description






1 Cinematographer

1 Assistant

Audio Equipment

Lighting Equipment

Camera Equipment


Footage Archived For 1 Year

Total Cost: $2,725 + HST

Additional Costs Price

Vertical Reel Format


15 second 'bite' edits


10 - 15 posed & candid photos





June 11 - June 23



End Of June/First Week of July



1 Month

Checkmark Circle

Project Deadline

August 1, 2023

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